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CPA Web Tax

Maximize Your Refund With Confidence

Software or Part Time Tax Preparers Don’t Measure Up

Freedman & Goldberg CPA’s has always offered a full range of services, including affordable tax preparation for individuals. Thanks to modern technology we have taken our advantage a step further. Now we offer a tool for you to use online to complete the basic data entry on your end, thus reducing our cost – and yours!

CPA Web Tax offers the best of both worlds. A great price to you and the confidence that your tax return is reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant. The price is actually better than the national chain tax preparation companies. With the IRS cracking down on both tax payers and tax preparers, it makes sense to have a CPA involved in your return. While we are held to a higher ethical standard, we also know the rules inside and out. Our experience and training will be valuable to your bottom line!

How It Works

We will send you a secure login and password to our online questionnaire. Once you have completed entering your information we receive the file. You can save the file in progress and add to it and edit until your satisfied with the information before you submit it to us. Once submitted to us we have our tax preparer (with 15 years of experience) organize and enter the data into our system and review it for accuracy and completeness. At this time we may have questions or suggestions. Once the return is completed to your and our tax preparer is satisfaction it is sent to a partner in our firm and reviewed. We may, once again, have suggestions on ways to improve your return.

The final return is electronically submitted to the appropriate state agency and IRS and you receive any refund due within eleven days typically. The turn around time for preparation is typically under 72 hours as long as we are able to communicate quickly with you.

How Do You Get Started?

The cost is only $75 for the standard CPA Web Tax service. Use the form below to request a login and we will walk you through the process.
You will need an email address, access to a scanner for some of your documents and a credit card.

Simple as that!