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Client Services

Client Services

The financial and economic climate is rapidly changing. Our team is able to learn and adapt to the changing landscape and provide services that our clients desire. Below is a list of typical services, but rest assured that we will tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

Accounting and Auditing

We offer a full line of accounting and auditing services, ranging from compiled financial statements prepared from your accounting records, to reviewed financial statements required today by many banks and lending institutions, to audits of financial statements prepared using General Accepted Accounting Principles to satisfy the requirements of your investors, lenders or regulatory agencies, including HUD, MSHDA, and SEC. We are members of the Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We are also a peer-reviewed firm, which requires us to maintain a high level of professional and ethical standards.

Bookkeeping and Accounts Payable Processing

We are currently expanding our bookkeeping and accounts payable department to meet the growing demand from our customers who wish to outsource these services. Our staff can assist you in developing an effective way to maintain control over your business or personal finances while minimizing your costs. Our current list of customers who have chosen to use our Accounts Payable services come from several industries, including real estate management, retail food establishments, and medical offices. Our staff has experience with a number of software accounting packages, including Peachtree, QuickBooks, and Creative Solutions.

Payroll Service and Preparation

Freedman & Goldberg offers several different levels of payroll services, including:

* Setting you up for do-it-yourself payroll
* After the fact payroll processing, tax payments and required state and local forms
* Full service payroll, including direct deposit, paycheck delivery, federal, state and local tax payments
* Employee leasing options
* Section 125 plan administration (We also have a standard, IRS approved Section 125 you can adopt for your company)

Tax Services

We prefer to address your personal and business tax needs in a proactive manner. By staying on top of new tax laws, tax court rulings and pending legislation, we are able to keep you informed about changes that can affect your family or your business. We are available year-round to provide our clients with tax planning, return preparation, correspondence from federal, state and local tax agencies, and more. Our tax team provides services for:

* Individuals and families, including divorce and support issues
* Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Corporations
* Estates and Trusts
* Gift taxes
* Non-profit entities

SEC Representation

Freedman and Goldberg is registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, or PCAOB. As such we are permitted to practice before the SEC and perform audits of financial statements for SEC registered companies or those intending to register with the SEC.

New Business Start-Up Planning

Need advice on choosing the appropriate legal entity for your new or growing business? We can advise you of the tax and accounting issues that may be affected by your choice of business entity, and help you choose an attorney to address the legal issues affected by your choice. We can help you create an effective system of internal controls tailored to the size of your business, provide you with cost-benefit analyses of outsourcing some or all of your administrative functions, and help you choose satisfactory employees for your accounting department.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Due Diligence

Our team is ready to help you and your team make the right business growth decisions. We can assist you in determining whether a target company is the right addition for your enterprise, and help you determine if there are any skeletons hiding in the closet. We can also help you identify non-productive segments of a target company, or departments and divisions that are functioning inefficiently.

Estates and Trusts

The death of a family member is a difficult period for any family or closely-held business. We can help by working with your attorneys to develop the estate or succession plan best suited for your needs. After your loss, our staff can help you with financial reporting for probate cases, filing final tax returns for a decedent, preparing and filing estate returns, and administering your trusts.

IRS Representation

Our staff has many years of experience in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, including personal and business tax audits, delinquent tax returns, Offers in Compromise and other negotiating tools. We have in many cases been able to reduce or eliminate the amount of tax due by our customers.

Management Advisory Services and Business Consulting

We gauge the value of our services by the personal and business success of our clients. We can help you identify areas of your business that are negatively affecting your company’s profitability and growth, and then help you develop solutions that are practical and technically sound. We can also help you identify the segments of your business that are performing best and work with you to develop new ways to capitalize on that success and grow your business. Even the most qualified business managers can benefit from competent, objective feedback.

Litigation Support

We offer several types of support services for attorneys and their clients, including forensic accounting, probate accounting, and are able to provide our senior staff members as professional witnesses for hearings and other court appearances.

Information Technology Services

Our firm strives to take advantage of the most current and proven technologies available. Our job is to make sure that we keep our clients aware of technology changes that would benefit their business and personal financial situation. We have several staff members that can help you implement technology changes in your home or office, and we have partnered with an outside IT firm to be able to provide you technical services and innovations at every level of your business.

QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks products from Intuit are among the best selling small- and medium-business accounting packages available. Our staff includes QuickBooks Pro Advisors to assist you in implementing QuickBooks (or converting to QuickBooks from another accounting package), setting up the software, and can show you how to make your internal accounting process simpler by utilizing more of the features that QuickBooks already provides.